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Welcome to THE IE·DNlab PROJECT.

We are Thorsten Kuttig and Sonja Schlichter.
Thorsten is freelance 3D Artist, Animator and Cinematographer and Sonja works as freelance 3D Project Manager, Coordinator and Line Producer. Together we're working as freelancers for our clients in the different fields of CGI and Film.

THE IE·DNlab PROJECT is all about 3D Animation, Visualization, Modeling, Rendering, Photography as well as Videography and much more.

We've started THE IE·DNlab PROJECT to combine our passions and bring them all together on one platform. Here you'll see a lot of our 3D works, films and photographs so feel free to experience, what we experienced.

Latest News

Dec 24 - Natural Wonders - Ancient Norway - [Official 4K Trailer] OUT NOW!

"Natural Wonders - Ancient Norway" is one of the world's very first CGI and VFX featured short movies in full 4K resolution.

"Natural Wonders - Ancient Norway" is a time travel back to the ages of norsemen and vikings, showing the beautiful landscapes of Norway and how I did see them, while spending one month in the homeland of Odin, Loki and Ymir.

Watch here on iedn in Full HD or in 4k resolution on Youtube.

Merry XMas to all of you!

May 2014 - Carl Zeiss Visualisation GSF

For our client Carl Zeiss 3D Automation we produced a visualisation of the new GSF - Global Standard Fixture - system.

Watch the 3D animation here.

2012 - 2014 - several animations and stills for BROSE

Hired by Seven M we produced many animations, product presentations and stills for BROSE Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG.
Unfortunately we may not show them here on IE·DNlab yet, cause they are ment to be presented to selected professional audience only.

September 2013 - The World Of Eberspächer

Hired by AV Medien Stuttgart, we produced some animations and motion graphics about the product range of The World Of Eberspächer.

Watch the movie here.

April 2013 - Carl Zeiss Visualisation - TEMPAR

For our client Carl Zeiss 3D Automation we produced a visualisation of the new TEMPAR temperature monitoring system.

Watch the 3D animation here.

February 2013 - Galileo on Pro7 - Ball Bearings

The german TV channel Pro7 broadcasted an interesting article about ball-bearings in its telecast "Galileo".

They also showed some of the animations, Thorsten did for Schaeffler and it´s a coincidence, that they also used footage of the ZEISS Thermofit XL material, for which we animated the ZEISS VAST measuring system.

Jump to the Pro7 article or watch it here on IE·DNlab 
Jump to the animations "Schaeffler ASTRAIOS and medical equipment" and "ZEISS ThermoFit"

January 2013 - NEW vizREEL up!

Hooray :)
Today I got all my approvals from clients to being able, to finally show my newest techVIZReel.
This reel is pretty technical and explanatory and if you wanna see a more "entertaining and artistic" one, just watch my ´11 showReel (which isn´t up to date right now)

Jump And Watch!

January 2013 - Schaeffler Medicine Engineering approved

Last year Thorsten worked on a 8:30 min animation about medical products and engineering of the Schaeffler Group.
This movie is finally approved and ready to be shown to the public.

Watch the 3D animation here

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